Why do we smell differently as we age?

Why do we smell differently as we age?

What is "old man smell"?

Nonenal odor, also known as aging odor or elderly odor, is associated with a distinct and sometimes unpleasant smell that is often linked to aging. The catch is, like bad breath, you can’t detect the odor on yourself. 

It typically occurs once people reach the age of 40. If you’re 40 or over and reading this right now, don’t panic. I’m 40 or over and writing this right now. We got this. 

Here’s why:

First, nonenal odor, along with ear hairs and thick-soled white sneakers, is a natural part of aging. Secondly, nonenal odor is manageable. More on that later.

What causes nonenal odor?

 The so-called “old man smell” is caused by an increase in levels of a compound called 2-nonenal. 

Imagine a rotten apple. It gives off a distinct odor caused by the breakdown of its sugars and other organic compounds. This breakdown is often triggered by microorganisms like bacteria and fungi. 

Similarly, nonenal can be produced by the breakdown of skin lipids by bacteria on our skin, particularly when we sweat a lot or don’t shower regularly. In this case, the bacteria act like the microorganisms in the spoiled apple, generating nonenal as a waste product.

Is nonenal odor treatable?

While completely eliminating nonenal odor may not be possible, you can take steps to manage it. Here are some tips for treating nonenal odor:

  1. Use Mando Whole Body Deodorant:

In a 2018 clinical study, people who acidified their skin were able to minimize nonenal odor. 

Mando Whole Body Deodorant is made with a mild alpha-hydroxy acid called Mandelic Acid that inhibits bacteria from eating fluids on the skin and causing odor. 

The acidified technology in the Body Wash, Cleansing Bar, and Deodorants helps oxidize and neutralize the nonenal compound AND regular everyday body odor. 

  1. Do Your Laundry:

Nonenal odor rubs off on anything we touch – bedsheets, blankets, clothes, etc.

   - Wash clothes frequently to remove any lingering odor.

   - Choose breathable fabrics that allow for better air circulation.

  1. Eat a Balanced Diet:

   - Maintain a well-balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

   - Consume foods with antioxidants, which may help counteract oxidative processes.

  1. Make Lifestyle Changes:

   - Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, as exercise can contribute to overall well-being, including skin health.

   - Manage stress, as stress can sometimes worsen B.O.

  1. Consult Your Doctor:

   - If nonenal odor persists or is a concern, talk to a healthcare professional.

   - They can assess whether underlying health issues contribute to the odor and provide personalized advice.

The Main Takeaway

Nonenal odor is normal and natural. It isn’t exclusive to older people, but it becomes more noticeable as we age due to chemical changes in the body. Managing nonenal odor involves addressing these underlying factors through good personal hygiene, a balanced diet, and skincare routines like using Mando Whole Body Deodorant. 

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