We’ve all experienced that uncomfortable feeling - that red, itchy, bumpy underarm rash that leaves you skulking away to a corner to scratch it like a golden retriever. The discomfort adds insult to injury by making it impossible to wear the muscle shirt you’ve been dying to wear (“People deserve to see the gun show!”).

Armpit rash occurs when the skin in your pits looks bumpy and red or feels uncomfortable for longer than a few hours.

The good news is most armpit rashes are temporary and treatable with home remedies or over-the-counter (OTC) medications. The even better news is common armpit rashes are preventable when you treat your skin like royalty and commit to using the right products, like skin-safe deodorants.

What are the Causes of Armpit Rash?

What causes armpit rash in the first place? Let’s look at the top culprits that cause redness, dryness, and itchiness under the arm.

Culprit #1: Chafing

Have you ever been on a hike or speed walking away from a raccoon and noticed the skin between your legs or under your arms feels raw and painful? When your skin rubs against itself or clothing for too long, it can cause redness, dryness, and discomfort, known as chafing.

Culprit #2: Heat Rash

There’s nothing quite like a pickup volleyball game on the beach. That is, until the heat starts mixing with sweat on the skin, causing unbearable irritation. This irritation is called heat rash and can leave your armpits feeling like they are on fire.

Culprit #3: Allergens or Irritants in Certain Products

You may have tried laundry detergent, soaps, and deodorants that don’t jive with your skin type. Deodorant rashes can happen to anyone. When you come in contact with an irritant or allergen, you can experience dermatitis.

Culprit #4: Candida

Candida is just a fancy word for fungus. If you experience a rash caused by this fungus and feel the need to share, it’s probably best to refer to it by its scientific name in group settings. “No, not Canada, I have–you know what? Yeah, I’m from Canada.” 

Culprit #5: Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is a type of eczema. It develops around oil-producing glands and manifests as red, swollen, greasy-looking, itchy, and burning skin.

What are the Treatments for Armpit Rash?

If you have experienced any of the previous symptoms of armpit rash, then you’re more than ready to find relief and find it fast.

Below are some of the best treatments, OTC medications, and home remedies you can try.

Helpful actions to take at home include:

  • Drying off the armpit area, keeping your armpits cool, and wearing loose clothing.
  • Staying out of conditions where you will sweat.
  • Reduce the amount of time you shower, swim, and bathe.
  • Taking a lukewarm (not hot) bath with oatmeal (you deserve it, king).
  • Apply a natural moisturizer if your rash is dry.
  • If you believe it is contact dermatitis, find the allergen (a new soap, deodorant, detergent, fabric softener, etc.), and discontinue use.

If you are still experiencing discomfort after following the tips outlined above, try some of the following home remedies:

  • Hydrocortisone creams for eczema or contact dermatitis
  • Coconut oil
  • A drop of lavender essential oil mixed with a carrier oil
  • Topical vitamin B-12
  • Sunflower oil
  • Tea tree oil diluted in water to kill fungus
  • Cardiospernum ointment

If none of these home remedies work, it’s time to consult a doctor. Your dermatologist will determine whether you have a common armpit rash, candida, seborrheic dermatitis, or another underlying medical condition.

Based on your diagnosis, your doctor may recommend any of the following OTC medications:

  • Hydrocortisone creams
  • Antihistamines
  • Antifungal creams or gels
  • Calamine lotions or creams

If you have a more serious condition, your doctor may prescribe a topical steroid cream, topical PDE4 inhibitors or calcineurin inhibitors, phototherapy, or another helpful treatment.

How Do You Prevent Armpit Rash?

If you have an armpit rash, you must find a treatment and give your skin time to heal. Figure out the culprit causing your rash, and avoid any triggers, allergens, and harsh products.

Make a promise to your skin that you learned your lesson. Throw out all your irritating skin products, and use the right ones now!

Deodorants and antiperspirants are a common irritant to armpits. While there are a plethora of deodorant options you can buy at grocery stores, drugstores, and online, it’s critical to remember that not all of them are created equal.

Some popular antiperspirants will keep your pits dry. Some deodorants will capture the perfect smell in a tiny goopy stick. But, not all of these common products will promote healthy skin and may even cause rashes. Both antiperspirants containing aluminum and natural deodorants: Mando: Natural vs Organic Deodorant alike can cause rashes, especially ones with baking soda. 

You need a hypoallergenic, skin-safe, great-smelling deodorant like Mando Natural Deodorant for Pits, Packages + Feet to prevent armpit rash.

Mando promotes healthy skin because it is:

  • Doctor-developed
  • Aluminum-free
  • Baking soda-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Water-based
  • Made with skin-safe synthetics
  • Safe for external use (on any part of your body)
  • Clinically proven to control odor

Not only will Mando protect your skin, but Mando has been clinically proven to control odor for up to 72 hours. A doctor developed Mando: Mando Founder Story, Dr. Shannon Klingman. Mando is safe to use ANYWHERE – pits, privates, feet, and all the nooks and crannies in between.

Note: Do not use Mando Deodorant or Mando Deodorant Wipes on broken or irritated skin. Wait until your skin has healed before trying Mando.

Ready to try Mando? Your life beyond odor–and unhappy skin–awaits. 

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