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What is swamp ass?

Swamp ass is the excessive sweaty and smelly sensation between the cheeks, and it can come from biking miles upon miles, sitting in a hot car when moisture builds up, and running to catch your connecting train.

Many of us have been there and worried if those trailing us can see the wet outline of our “rank ravine.” Those days, you hope you’re at least wearing dark-colored bottoms or a light jacket you can tie around your waist for the walk of shame (A.K.A. anywhere else that’s out of the sight of others). 

How to Get Rid of Swamp Ass

Here are some tips to cut down on the uncomfortable side effects of swamp ass.

1. Pack Spare Underwear

Yes, I pack a spare pair of underwear when I feel it will be a S.A.D. day (Swamp Ass Day).

Just a quick swap offers immediate dryness.

2. Wear the RIGHT Underwear

I’ve also learned you can wear particular types of underwear to alleviate some of the “swampiness.” Cotton, merino wool, other natural fibers, and moisture-wicking fabrics are the best combatants in the battle of the swamp below.

3. Plan Ahead

When I feel it will be one of “those days,” and I don’t have easy access to a bathroom, I try to gauge how much time I’ll need to get there before it gets too uncomfortable. Then, I reduce the friction from the excess sweat by drying it off with toilet paper or a towel.

4. Proper Hygiene

Swamp ass prevention starts in the shower. To ensure you're properly eliminating the bacteria between the cheeks, clean your butt thoroughly each time you shower. Mando’s Acidified Body Wash will give you all the hygiene you require while keeping your skin safe without irritating even the most sensitive places.

5. Deodorant Wipes

These Mando Deodorant Wipes fit in my pocket and literally save my hiney when I’m out and about, and drying off just doesn’t cut it. Just a few swipes are all it takes to protect myself from sweaty butt smell for at least a few more hours!

6. Switch It up and Stand

Sitting for long periods during the day does NOT help. Thankfully, I can stand more and swamp ass less with standing desks. The added breathability from standing does a lot to keep me less swampy.

7. Apply a Whole Body Deodorant That Prevents Odor Down There

I know I’m not alone in this fight–most people experience sweating near their nether regions. 

I can minimize some of the effects of butt sweat using the tactics mentioned above, so it’s at least not a visible flag of surrender to those around me.

Still, the stress of the stink puts me on constant alert. Hello?! This sweat isn’t coming from my pits or my feet…It’s coming from no man’s land!

That’s why using a deodorant that prevents odor in this swamp-prone area is critical for me.

Interestingly, the sweat glands (eccrine) near your butt secrete an odorless blend of water and salt to cool you down—another interesting fact: your body’s stench occurs when the bacteria digest your sweat. Sweat doesn’t come out already stinking. 

I needed something that would target this bacteria that creates odor, and I was happy I came across Mando's Invisible Cream Deodorant.

Now, I can confidently enter any situation and know I’ve got an odor-free derriere.

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